Brandon Culligan Identity
Brandon Culligan
Name Brandon Culligan
Sex Male Male
Born November 15, 1935, Seal of Kinley Kinley
Spouse Eleanore Smith
Home Seal of Noble City Noble City
Functions Scientist
University professor
Languages English

Brandon Culligan (November 15, 1935, Kinley) is a Lovian university professor and researcher at Blackburn University. He is associated with the Blackburn Royal Center for Religious Survey. He is the head researcher of the Census of Religious Groups in Lovia and is also planning to conduct research on irreligious communities in Lovia, together with Fatima Ilyas and Judy T. Pennington, in 2010. Mary Elisabeth Nelson is his assistant at Blackburn. Since 2015, he is a member of the Lovian Research Council, which funds Lovian scientific research.

He is father to jazz musician Godmund Culligan and grandfather to the young rock artist Sam Culligan.

Personal life Edit

Culligan was born in Kinley to a Dutch mother and Irish-American father. His father was a lapsed Catholic and Culligan was baptised, though he stated he lost any faith in his early teens. After completing undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in econometrics at Nobel University, during which time he married fellow student Eleanore Smith, of American-Lovian ancestry, he was awarded a post-doctoral fellowship in the United States. He was awarded a professorship in Lovia in 1970. He and Eleanore had five children: Nicholas (1958), Mortimer (1959), Marvédie (1962), Arthur (1964) and Godmund (1965). Eleanore died in 1972, leaving Brandon with 5 children from the ages of 14 to 7. Ever since, the family has had a housekeeper and a nanny.

In the late 1970s Culligan had a relationship with someone from work, but they chose not to marry and went their own ways in the spring of 1980.

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