Brady Smith Identity
Name Brady Smith
Full name Brady Ray Smith
Sex Male
Born April 19, 1987, San Francisco, California, United States
Spouse Vivian Smith
Parents Cheryl and Nicholas Smith
Home (Originally) San Francisco, California, USA
2nd Home (Citizen) 10 Discovery Avenue, Mandarin Village, Noble City

Brady Ray Smith, is the founder of the cell phone provider, M & M Incorporated. He was born April 19, 1987 in San Francisco, California in the United States. He is son of Nicholas and Cheryl Smith of San Francisco. Brady is married to Vivian Smith, a Lovian native of Sylvania. Along with Jerry Michelson, they immigrated to Lovia in January of 2010 from San Francisco, where they started their business in a small shop in Noble City. He married Vivian a month after becoming an official citizen.

Smith and Vivian now live at 10 Discovery Avenue in Mandarin Village, Noble City, close to his place of work. Brady came up with the design of the M & M Spectra, the companies only and most bought cell phone. Smith has moved M & M to the Vandreck Building , and the company is working on the 11th Floor.


Brady Ray Smith's business photo