Borya Hájek Identity
Borya Hájek1
Name Borya Hájek
Full name Borya Goran Hájek
Born 28 February, 1969, Seal of Hurbanova Hurbanova
Home 1 Newport Street, Newport, Seal of Hurbanova Hurbanova, Seal of Oceana Oceana
Party affiliation KNPO LogoKNPO
Languages English, Oceana

Borya Hájek (28 February, 1969) is an Oceana nationalist, whose family comes almost exclusively from Oceana. He is the leading nationalist theorist in Oceana, favouring lesser expansionism and is a self-proclaimed confederate. He is a farmer and is popular amongst Oceana locals, which granted him the position of being the Oceana delegate for the CNP. In July 2013 he approached Lukas Hoffmann with a proposal for the creation of a party to compete in Oceana separate and not submissive to the CNP but in alliance with it and able to compete for the Oceana votes there. In August 2013 Lukas decided to allow the creation of such a party and Hájek took leading Oceana such as Edward Cromwood and created a new party called the Konservatni an Natsionalistiski Parti 'Oshenna.