Bluesky Thinking
Bluesky Thinking
Type Social movement
Main seat Seal of Noble City Noble City
Active 2011-present
Chairman Harold Freeman
Form Low-level democracy
Means Civilian participation
Public debate
Notable members
Arthur Jefferson
Harold Freeman
Sawyer Hillbilly

Bluesky Thinking is a non-profit organization that describes itself as a 'civilian platform'. It was founded in 2011 out of several local initiatives that focussed on low-level democracy and civilian involvement in politics. Bluesky Thinking organizes campaigns about controversial topics to keep the societal debate going on. It seeks to provide civilians with a way to let their opinion count. Bluesky Thinking is dominated by liberals like Harold Freeman even though the organization remains without political disposition. The topics handled by Bluesky Thinking vary from important to almost meaningless. The organization is very keen on its image of independent, transparent and democratic.

Mission statement Edit

Bluesky Thinking calls itself a civilian platform and seeks to provide civilians with a way to let their opinion count. It wishes to do so in a neutral and democratic fashion. The organization revolves around the basic idea that democracy is not just a right, but also a duty. Citizens need to take an interest in politics and come out for their own opinion. On the other hand, Bluesky Thinking also wants to function as a watchdog for politicians and the media whose task it is to inform the citizens. The official mission statement as quoted from the Bluesky Thinking announcement sounded as follows:

"Politicians and other policy makers are organized in parties, the state, etc. But they only form one element of democracy. The other crucial component, the general public, needs a way to from and ventilate its opinion. That is what we at Bluesky Thinking wish to do: offer you a way to make your opinion count. Bluesky Thinking wants to be the binding element of democracy, the thing that keeps the debate transparent and open." (Quoted from the Official Mission Statement that announced Bluesky Thinking)

The mission statement is reflected in the name of the organization. The name was derived from the phrase 'blue sky thinking' which means 'open-minded thinking'. The secondary meaning of the phrase has however lead to a pun, alluding to thoughts that are not rooted into the realities of the present.

Members Edit

Whoever wishes to collaborate on the mission statement can join Bluesky Thinking, as long as you respect the organization's overall political neutrality. Also, people who hold an official mandate in a political institution are asked not to take part in campaign activities, though their support is surely welcome. Membership is free of duties other than supporting the cause, please fill in your name if you are interested.

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