Blue Colosseum Room

Blue Colosseum room

Malipa Civic Auditorium

Type civic auditory
Designed by Papadouros J.
Opened in 2009
Seats 1000

The Blue Colosseum Room is the second largest communication and convention room in the Lovian Malipa Civic Auditorium. It is named after its physical characteristics: its round theatrical form and the color of the lights and seats. The room was officially opened in October 2009 when it was first used to show Jonathan Frum's play The Fruit Picker. The room was since then frequently used for cultural events like plays and movies. The room hosts a thousand seats, including four balconies. The interior of the eery room was designed by Lovian architect Papadouros J. and has an almost unique appearance. The seats are covered with a blue velvet tissue. The room is under the surveillance of the janitorial staff.

2010 Summer HEMP Convention Edit

Green Hemp Party

Offical logo of HEMPPAC showing that we should leagalize Hemp

In 2010 the HEMPPAC held the first Hemp convention. The convention will last all week and have Daily Speeches and have venders selling allowed pot at a very limited level. The convention will take place between the days of September 12th and the 18th.

Famous Attendees

Labour National ConferenceEdit


Advert for the first Labour conference

In 2013 the Labour Party held there first ever national conference, which would become a yearly event to set out the year's future goals and in case of a leadership election, hold the results there. The first Conference will take place February 16-17.

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