Blackburn University, Newhaven
Seal of Blackburn University Standard of Blackburn University
Name Blackburn University, Newhaven
Language English
Official color

██ Navy

██ Dark red

Symbol open book, royal crown
Motto Nec Plus Ultra
Rector Yuri Medvedev
Vice Rector Prince Dimitri
Founded May 4 1887 (as the Nobel University)
July 23 2008 (as Blackburn University)
Location Seal of Abby Springs Abby Springs, Seal of Newhaven Newhaven,
Seal of Kings Kings

Blackburn University, Newhaven is a Lovian private university in Newhaven and the true successor of the 121-year old Nobel University. It is one of the two campuses of Blackburn University, that are both considered separate universities. The university is privately owned by the Noble Educational Corporation. Present-day Rector of Blackburn University is Yuri Medvedev, while Prince Dimitri is Vice Rector. The other campus of BBU is Blackburn University, Noble City.

Campus locations and buildings Edit

Newhaven's sole campus is based in Abby Springs. Plans to occupy more buildings are being made at the moment.

Main Building- The main, and so far only academic building of the university. It is where all teaching takes place, with the exception of some advanced medicine teaching, which takes place at a local hospital.

Student Union- The building of the university which caters solely to its students. The building has several small shops, coffee shops and bars, as well as a medium library and several study spaces.

Academic programs Edit

All programmes are studied over three years, unless otherwise specified

Faculty of ArtsEdit

  • BA English Literature
  • BA English Language
  • BA English and Drama
  • BA History (Students may choose between the Lovian specialism or World specialism)
  • BA Oceana (Includes language, literature, history and politics)
  • BA Geography (BA course focuses on Human Geography)
  • BA Modern Germanic Languages (Two out of Danish, Dutch, Limburgish, German, Norwegian, and Swedish)
  • BA Modern Romance Languages (Two out of Catalan, French, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian, and Spanish)
  • BA Modern Slavic Languages (Two out of Czech, Polish, Russian, Serbo-Croatian, Slovakian, and Ukrainian)
  • BA Modern East Asian Languages (Two out of Chinese, Japanese, and Korean)
  • BA Modern South Asian Languages (Two out of Bengali, Hindi, Marathi, Punjabi, Telugu, and Tamil)
  • BA Modern Southeast Asian Languages (Two out of Burmese, Javanese, Malay, Thai, and Vietnamese)
  • BA African Studies (Includes study of the history, politics and languages of Africa)
  • BA American Studies (Includes study of the history, politics and languages of the US)
  • BA Middle Eastern Studies (Includes study of the history, politics and languages of the Middle East, particularly Arabic, Persian, and Turkish)
  • BA Wiki Studies (Includes study of the history, politics and languages of the countries of the IWO
  • BA Political Science
  • BA International Relations
  • LLB Law
  • BA Music
  • BA Dramatic Arts
  • BA Fine Art (One, two or three out of Painting and Drawing, Sculpture, Printmaking, Fashion, Photography and Film)

Faculty of SciencesEdit

  • BSc Biology
  • BSc Chemistry
  • BSc Physics
  • BSc Mathematics
  • BSc Psychology
  • BSc Geography (The BSc course focuses on Physical geography)
  • BSc Nursing (With the option of a medical, dental or paediatric specialism)
  • BSc Dental Science
  • BSc Veterinary Science
  • MD Medicine

Faculty of EducationEdit

  • BA Primary Education
  • BA Secondary Education

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