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King Dimitri I of Lovia funded the center, making it a Royal institution

The Blackburn Royal Center for Rational Thought and Skepticism, often abbreviated Blackburn RaThoS, is a Lovian scientific research center operated by Blackburn University and funded by HRH King Dimitri I of Lovia. It was founded November 11, 2009 and has its headquarters at Blackburn University, Newhaven. The center's primary goal is to promote rational thought in Lovian academics, and to guarantee a scientific attitude within the university. The Blackburn Royal Center for Religious Survey is of course closely related to Blackburn RaThoS and the two centers often cooperate. Blackburn University invested about 1.3 million US dollars in the center, whereas the King donated 8 million dollar to pay for operational costs.

Hans-Kerryn Gorn is one of the senior researchers, alongide his role as a cosmologist and theoretical physicist.

Ongoing research Edit

none so far

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