Black ops poster

Black Ops is a 1983 action film by Transbaum Films. It is the first in the Black Ops series of films. Unlike the second and the third part of the series, Black Ops was rated R for intense violence and gore, and was almost banned from being shown on television. Also, it was critically panned, receiving only a rating of 11%.

Plot Edit

The film follows Brad Avery (Paul Seranne) and Unit 56, a secret hit squad of the Lovian Secret Service. The year is 1970 and there are massive protests in Swiss Congo calling for independence. The rebels are led by Alain Mobule (Harold Camping Unit 56's mission is to kill Mobule and stop the independence movement from happening. Unit 56 is dropped into the jungle, where they must fight wild lions and tigers, native cannibals and rebel soldiers until finally arriving at Mobule's camp where they engage in a 20 minute gunfight where he is finally killed.

Reception Edit

Critically, this was a terrible film, only scoring 11%. Most critics were quick to point out that the movie was centered around the fighting scenes, and that the plot was terrible. There was much outcry against the blood and gore of the film.

At the box office, this became a major hit, partly due to the fact that Schwarzenegger's films boosted popularity of this genre. It would be later followed by and Black Ops II: Saigon Suicide (1985) and Black Ops III: Columbia (1988).

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