BikeLink is a bicycle-share system that operates currently only in Clymene, but is planning to move out of the state. It is operated and owned by Jake Mezatir, and was founded on January 2, 2015. It is inspired by the Bixi system used in some countries around the world.

System and faresEdit

Bike stations are located across the state, along set 'bike lines', and in major towns. A station consists of an electronic pay station and bike docks, where the bikes are housed when not in use. Pay stations accept cash or credit cards. In total there are approximately 400 bikes and 52 stations on the system. The fares are as such:

  • Basic fare (subscription): $5.00 (first 45 minutes)
  • up to 60 minutes: $1.50 extra
  • up to 90 minutes: $3.00 extra
  • every 30 minutes thereafter: $5.00 extra

To encourage safe cycling, helmets are provided at no extra charge.


BikeLink is different to other bike share system in that it operates on a 'line system', whereby bike stations are located along set routes. There are three routes as of yet:

  • 1 - Sofasi to Plains, through the hills along the Clymene Creek Bike Trail.
  • 2 - Sofasi to Cornwall, via the east coast
  • 3 - Sofasi to Adoha, via the bridge

A fourth route is planned, either to Feltmolen or to Eastwood (as an extension of route 2).


There are many bike stations along these routes, and the two main offices are located at:

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