Seal of Bayfield

Flag of Bayfield

Name Bayfield
Hexacode KI-PL-BF
Population 4,622
Language(s) English
Location Seal of Portland Portland, Seal of Kings Kings (Kings Island)
Next to Seal of Hurket-on-Kings Hurket-on-Kings

Bayfield is a neighborhood of Portland. It's known for its huge and multifunctional sports stadium. The people of this quarter are very sportive, and the area got the title of 'most sportive quarter' last year. Bayfield is also the gateway to the extremely fertile grounds in Coastal Valley. In the north you can find the first farms. Those are the smaller vineyards. Also fruit and grain are very popular.

Bayfield is also more administrative-like then Hurket-on-Kings, the neighborhood has for example one of the largest government buildings of Kings, Sagan House. Also the Town Hall and the Governor's House are worth seeing.

Economy Edit

In Bayfield, and by expansion Portland, there aren't firms, most of the people working in the administrative sector work in the Kings Administrative Tower. More in the north people work on the fertile grounds, many farms make this neighborhood a very autarchic place, most of the people like to buy their stuff in their own town. If it comes to manufacturers, then most of the people are working in Newhaven.

Off course due to the tourism the economy in Bayfield is a really thriving one. Every year thousands of visitors come to spend vacation in the lovely Grand Bay.

Tourism Edit

Each year many people go to Bayfield to spend their vacation. Not only the Grand Bay, but also the inland, meaning Coastal Valley and highlands of Kings. The many trekking routes starting in Bayfield, and Hurket-on-Kings make these neigberhoods very popular.

Nature Edit

There are many forests in and around Bayfield, especially in the east. In the north the fertile grounds of the coastal valley make this place a real natural paradise!

Map Edit

UPC Portland
1A Tillet Avenue
1B Tillet Avenue
Aronsson Financial Group
3 Tillet Avenue
*1 Louis Lahey
5 Tillet Avenue

*2 Bucurestean
7A Tillet Avenue
Bart K (talk)
7B Tillet Avenue
Portland High School
9 Tillet Avenue
Tillet Avenue
Citizena logo
2 Tillet Avenue
Olaf Engelund
4 Tillet Avenue
6 Tillet Avenue
Coastal Stadium
Old Cricket Field
8 Tillet Avenue
Coastal Woods
Baron Avenue
Governor's House
1 Baron Avenue
Portland Town Hall
3 Baron Avenue
Hendrik Koopman
5 Baron Avenue
Big Kahuna
7 Baron Avenue
Jonathan Frum
9 Baron Avenue
Jon Johnson
11 Baron Avenue
Coastal Woods


*1 Jones Street
*2 Red State