B&B Oxelinx Park

The bed and breakfast

B&B Oxelinx Park is a Lovian bed and breakfast in Clave Rock, Train Village. B&B Oxelinx Park, located on the east end of Oxelinx Park and on Jameson's Crossing, has five bedrooms available and offers a daily breakfast to its customers. From March through October, the B&B offers breakfast to non-customers too.

The lodging is owned by Patrick and Jane Brown, American-born residents, who also live in the B&B. They cater the breakfast to the guests and provide personal assistance and advice on tourist facilities, hiking tours and nearby attractions.

Reviews Edit

Guide Hôtelier Cinq Etoiles gives this hotel 4 stars. Attention to its guests is unrivaled within its class. Very nice place, charming and well kept. The breakfast may not be 5-star, but it is natural and home-made.

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