Azkar Ostwyk Identity
Name Azkar Ostwyk
Full name Azkar Zhao Ostwyk
Sex Male Male
Born 21 December, 1981, Seal of Noble City Noble City
Home Seal of Clymene Clymene, Seal of Sofasi Sofasi, Sofasi Apartments, 15th Floor
Party affiliation ECP
Languages English, Dutch, German, French, Russian, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese
Agnostic Atheist

Azkar Ostwyk (21st of December, 1981) is a Lovian Citizen and is the leader of the newly born ECP (Egalitarian Collectivist Party) and is the CEO of Ostwyk Corporation, a company that was owned by his father, Falstar Ostwyk, before his untimely demise after Azkar finished his education at Blackburn University, having the role of CEO practically forced on him, because of the family tradition of the firstborn taking the company after their parent's death. However Azkar was not unprepared, he came out of school with a master's degree in engineering and achieving high grades in his other subjects, especially business and politics. Wanting a bigger say in Lovian politics, Azkar created the ECP or Egalitarian Collectivist Party, funded mainly by his own company, the ECP strives for equality, the unification of all of humanity and for all to work for the benefit of mankind.

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