Athina Sofasi
Athina Sofasi
Full name Athina Sofasi Sports Club
Date October 2, 2004-present
Nicknames Sofasis, Athinas
Club colors

██ navy

██ yellow

Sports Petanque, table tennis, tennis, association football (soccer), ice hockey, curling
Chairman Maple Family
Headquarters AS Bowl, Seal of Hightech Valley Hightech Valley, Seal of Sofasi Sofasi, Seal of Clymene Clymene

Athina Sofasi, in full the Athina Sofasi Sports Club, is a Lovian very large and popular multi-sports club, based in Sofasi, Clymene. It was founded by Judy S. McDonald October 2, 2004, and is now owned by the Maple Family. It is best known for its petanque and soccer team, but also has a table tennis, tennis and badminton team. The club is based in the AS Bowl in Hightech Valley. Athina is a participant in the Leaders League for wikination football clubs.

Team Edit

No. Position Player Comment
1 Flag of Lovia Small GK[1] Michael O'Ryan
2 Flag of Ireland DF[2] Mick Joyce
3 THE FLAG OF PINTONA DF Hughton Carlille
4 Flag of Belgium DF Bert Puimans
5 Flag of Lovia Small DF Dermot Keohj
6 Flag of Lovia Small MF[3] Brian Quinn
7 Flag of the Netherlands MF Erik Hoogerheijde
8 Flag of Germany MF Stefan Schläck
9 Flag of Lovia Small FW[4] Sergio Montero
10 Flag of Lovia Small FW Fergus Guinness
11 Flag of France FW Georges Duhamel
12 United States MF Robert McLennan
14 Flag of Lovia Small FW Patrick Mal

Memberships Edit


Curling Edit

Male team Edit

  • Reginald Week (head coach)
  • James Anderson (skip)
  • Wesley Fudge (broom)
  • Bob Taylor (broom)
  • Hanley Ferguson (skip/broom)
  • Harry McCot Jr. (reserve)

Female team Edit

  • Reginald Week (head coach)
  • Kelly Washington (skip)
  • Helena Backfield (broom)
  • Barbara Taylor (broom)
  • Olivia Wiggins[5] (skiip/broom)
  • Sarah Welch (reserve)

References and notes Edit

  1. GK = goalkeeper.
  2. DF = defender.
  3. MF = midfielder.
  4. FW = forward, attacker.
  5. Olivia Wiggins's sister, Olinia Wiggins, is a curling player with the Noble City Queens.

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