Arthur Ismagiloff Identity
Arthur Ismagiloff
Name Arthur Ismagiloff
Sex Male Male
Born 27 July, 1958, Novosevensk Seal Novosevensk
Spouse Aalia Ismagiloff
Children Richard
Home Seal of Kinley Kinley
Functions Activist, teacher.
Languages English, Russian, Tatar, Arabic

Arthur Ismagiloff is a member of the Lovian Muslim Brotherhood, more specifically the representative for the northern region. He was born in Novosevensk, and is of mixed Tatar, Jewish and American descent. By profession, he is a schoolteacher, and works in the Bishop Thumbsup Secondary School.

Ismagiloff is not a religious leader, but as a devout Muslim attempts to represent the community's interests throughout Lovia, particularly in the northern regions. He is married to Aalia and has one son, Richard.

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