Anton Hlinka Identity
Anton Hlinka
Name Anton Hlinka
Full name Anton Milan Hlinka
Sex Male Male
Born January 31, 1839, Flag of Slovakia Bratislava
Languages Slovak
Roman Catholic

Anton Hlinka (Bratislava, 1839 - Hurbanova, 1909) was an adventurer and a famous inhabitant of Hurbanova. Anton discoverd the Isle of Bratislava in 1889.

Life Edit

He was born in Austria-Hungary but left his place of birth to realize his ideal, the one of the American dream. After a controversial conflict with his employer in Los Angeles, he flees to Lovia in 1881 and settles in Hurbanova, where he worked as a miner and later on as a bar keeper.

Discovery of the Isle of Bratislava Edit

When he had had another conflict with an employer, he decided to take his boat and sail to the uninhabited City Archipelago. But surprisingly he discovered a third island which had been unknown until then, just west of the Isle of Frisco and Isle of London. He had the privilege to name it after his place of birth, the current Slovak capital.

When he arrived back in Hurbanova, he rapidly went to the Hurbanovan Town Hall and told to Mayor Chelvas Malkoný his important news. Malkoný described in his diary that a "dirty and tired miner [Hlinka] announced the existence of a third, fertile and useful island"[1]. Hlinka said that the Hurbanovans should necessarily consider the construction of a harbour and the exploitation of the island to gain new natural resources and to strengthen the Hurbanovan economy. However, after a rejection of the Town Hall, this hamlet was built in 1890. Anton Hlinka had become an honored citizen of Hurbanova.

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  1. Written on May 29, 1889 by Chelvas Malkoný in his diary.