Anti-Itch Formula is the twelfth studio album by Hop-Scotch. It was released on November 13, 1998, and was recorded in spring 1998 at the band's own studio in Noble City.

Most of the songs are quite fast-paced. This is also their first album to feature Bob Schlitz as a drummer.

Many see it as a sequel to Channel 69, with a similar theme of human emotion permeating the work. One single was released: the opening track 'Remain Happy'.

Track listingEdit

No. Title Length
1. "Remain Happy"   4:00
2. "Anti-Itch Formula"   3:25
3. "Final Cut"   3:51
4. "The Politician's Wife"   2:54
5. "Gargle"   3:26
6. "Can't Understand You"   3:17
7. "No Matter"   3:08
8. "Fancy Clothes"   2:29
9. "Love Makes You Blind"   2:11
10. "Word Gun"   5:14
11. "Lives At Stake"   2:53
Total length:

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