Anthony Claessens Identity
Name Anthony Claessens
Sex Male Male
Born May 8, 1976, Seal of Train Village Train Village
Home Seal of Train Village Train Village, Seal of Noble City Noble City
Party affiliation Ccpl CCPL
Languages English

Anthony Claessens (born 1976, Train Village) is a Lovian politician of Dutch descent. He is a member of the CCPL, closely assisting Neil Hardy in Sylvania and Kings.

He studied Politics, Philosophy and Economics at the University of Amsterdam, the place of his family's origin. He remained in Amsterdam until 2011, when he returned to his home town of Train Village. In November 2014, he became a member of the Conservative Christian Party of Lovia. In 2015, he was elected into the Kings State Council. Later that year, he ran to become a Member of the Congress. With large support from North Kingser and Train Villager citizens, he was elected into the Congress. He looks to work with the Dutch and Limburger community throughout Kings and Sylvania, protecting the two languages and culture from any type of Lovianization.

He is a fluent speaker of English, Dutch and Limburgish. He currently lives in Beaverwick, at 4 Sunflower Avenue. He also owns houses in Train Village and Clave Rock. He owns a small farming business based in Bergdorf.