Anne Sarah Palmer is a young Lovian model and actress.

Anne Palmer Identity
Full name Anne Sarah Palmer
Sex Female Female
Born December 20, 1992 (age 21), Seal of Newhaven Newhaven
Spouse Robert Keilsher
Parents Joanne Palmer

Andy Palmer

Home Seal of Newhaven Newhaven


Early lifeEdit

Palmer was born at 0100 on December 20, 1992 to Andy and Joanne Palmer in Newhaven. She was later given the name "Anne Sarah".

The family lived in Newhaven for a short period of time. When Anne was three, the family moved to Sofasi for a brief period of time. They returned to Newhaven when she was four. Anne was educated in Newhaven Elementary, where she became one of the most popular students. In her meantime, she enjoyed hanging out with her older brothers, Robert and Marc, and enjoyed reading.

As she grew older, Anne became interested in acting. At the age of seven, she was enrolled by her mom and dad into the Newhaven School of Arts. When her brother Robert was 18 and Anne was 9, he let her secretly watch one of Andy's movies "Sofasi: Part 2". She became interested in acting so much, that she even starred in school plays, and was nicknamed by her friends, "Actress Girl".

Teenage yearsEdit

When Anne was 13, she got her first movie role in "Tension", a movie about trying to survive in an earthquake. It was loosely based upon the true events of the 1993 earthquake, which struck 50 miles (80 km) off the coast of Sylvania, creating a small, but still powerful tsunami wave.

Anne became interested in modelling. When she was 15, she started creating dresses, which were an apparent success.

Anne also starred in Racer and Racer II, playing as the main character's girlfriend.

For much of 2012, Anne was in a relationship with Prince Joseph of Lovia, whom she was spotted with in several locations across Lovia. Anne even accompanied the Prince on much of his tour of Europe, where she attended a concert with him in London.

Currently, as a nineteen year-old, she lives with her parents in Newhaven. She is not regularly followed around by people, mainly because she rarely comes out of their mansion.