Annabelle Mayer Identity
Name Annabelle Mayer
Born March 17, 1986, Seal of Kings Kinley
Functions Politician
Languages English

Annabelle Mayer (born 1986) is a young Lovian politician of German ancestry. She is a member of United Left and the current Minister of Agriculture in the Whithdonck-Malsky I Government.


Mayer was born to Wilhelm Mayer, a German from Bavaria and Louise Sneider, a Lovian pastry chef. Mayer studied in Lovia and went to college in the US. She was an activist in favor of green and renewable energies, and was part of the movement which introduced them in Lovia. She became involved in politics in 2007 and joined the SDP in 2011. In 2011 was the Mayer Park named after Annabelle. She was a member with Labour and even ran for governor of Kings in 2012 but lost and followed Justin Abrahams into joining the Social Christian Party.