Andy Petrescu Identity
Petrescu in 1991
Name Andy Petrescu
Full name Andrew Patrick Petrescu, Jr.
Sex Male Male
Born May 28 1963, 15 Millstreet, Millstreet, Hurbanova, Oceana
Parents Andrew Patrick Petrescu, Sr. (1934-2004)
Elizabeth Vernadotta Petrescu (née Sheenan, 1938)
Home The Neill Palace, near Noble City, Sylvania
Functions Musician and songwriter
Languages English, Oceana
Hindu, raised Roman Catholic

Andrew Patrick "Andy" Petrescu, Jr. (28 May 1963 in Hurbanova) is a Lovian musician and songwriter who became nationally famous by releasing his debut album The Petrescu Relation in 1985, and by releasing fourteen albums and eight EPs as of March 2015, which all combined made over 2 billion dollars in revenue.

Biography Edit

Early life Edit

Andy Petrescu was born on 28 May 1963 in the working class areas of Hurbanova, Oceana to Andrew Petrescu, Sr., a security officer who was the son of Petrovic Petrescu, a Romanian miner from Bucharest, and Elizabeth Petrescu (née Sheenan), a nursing aid who was the daughter of Jonathan Sheenan, an Irish factory worker from Belfast. He spent the early days of his life in after-school programs and at friends' houses to "try and forget the poorness of our home," as he said in an interview. He got into music when he listened to a few old records of his father's when he was seven.