Andy McCandless Identity
Walden picture Andy
Name Andy McCandless
Sex Male Male
Born March 13, 1985, Noble City
Home Seal of East Hills East Hills, HU
Seal of Long Road Long Road, NC
Seal of Adoha Adoha, SO
Functions 2010 MOTC
Governor of Oceana
Secretary of Energy & Environment
Languages English
Member of the Congress
Term 2010 Congress
February 1, 2010 - January 31, 2011
Election Federal Elections, 2010
Election outcome 9.7% (third)
in Congress
2010 Highway Plan
Fed. Law: Green Energy Act
Governor of Oceana
Term October 20, 2010 - April 19, 2011
Election State Elections, Fall 2010
Election outcome 52.94% in Oceana
Deputy Oos Wes Ilava
Predecessor Ben Opať

Andy McCandless (born March 13, 1985) is a Lovian progressive and environmentalist politician, former Walden party chairman and the Federal Secretary of Energy and Environment.

Politics Edit

McCandless was a political newbie when he adopted the former Liberal Party in November 2009. He changed the political course into an environmentalist-libertarian course and changed the name into Walden Libertarian Party.

In the Federal Elections, 2010, the WLP teamed up with the Liberal Democrats. McCandless was the Coalition LD+WLP's joint candidate so as to become Prime Minister. By the end of January though, he continued campaiging without the support of the Liberals. The elections were won by Yuri Medvedev and McCandless came in third, being elected Member of the Congress.

At his inauguration, he was appointed Secretary of Energy, Environment and Transportation. His first major accomplishment as Secretary was the 2010 Highway Plan. This plan included the total reform of the current highway system. It was accepted by Congress March 24th and was set in action in April.

After the 2010 Mid-Terms, the Department of EET was split up in a Department of Energy and Environment, still led by McCandless, and one for Transportation, led by Secretary Evans.

In August 2010, McCandless and his colleague Martha Van Ghent reformed their party into Walden (leaving out "Libertarian Party") and adopted a more social and less classical liberal manifesto.

McCandless was narrowly elected as Governor of Oceana in the 2010 State Elections over conservative candidate Oos Wes Ilava, who became Deputy Governor. The two were renowned among governors for working closely together. Due to failing health, he resigned as Governor on January 18, 2011.

Andy also served a year in congress from 2012-2013, with the Labour Party, but was not re-elected with the Party.

Education Edit

Andy McCandless is a literature professor at Blackburn University and is an active member of the Blackburn University Center for American Studies, teaching courses on the Great American Novel and on theatre in the United States. McCandless also serves as principal of Walden Elementary in East Hills, HU.

Personal life Edit

McCandless is a resident of Long Road, Noble City, and Adoha, Sofasi.

He owns a quarter of the Lovian Cable Company stocks.

He is a member of the Lovian Freethought Academy and considers himself a freethinker.

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