Andy Bowe Identity
Andy Bowe
Name Andy Bowe
Full name Andrew James Bowe
Sex Male Male
Born 25 September 1950, Seal of Newhaven Newhaven
Deceased 7 August 2009, Seal of Noble City Noble City
Spouse Nellie Hume
Home Sacramento, Noble City
Functions Comic artist
Languages English

Andy James Bowe (25 September 1950 in Newhaven - 7 August 2009 in Noble City) was a Lovian comics writer and artist. He is best known for his series The Adventures of Lionman and Eodre, which he never finished. Andy was the first major comics artist of Lovia, and thus is called the father of Lovian comics.


Andy Bowe was born in 1950 in Newhaven, but he soon moved with his family in Noble City. As a kid, he showed interest in drawing and he was encouraged by both his parents.

As a student he attended journalism, but he never graduated. He opened a small publishing house in Mandarin Village with his older brother, Lucas. By this period, Andy had been sketching a lot, without completing a story though. In 1974 he finished his first work, Monster Slayer, which was published as an album. Andy continued creating comics, all of which fiction stories.

In 1980, Andy moved to San Fransisco and later to Sacramento. He created many comic series for a local company, although none of them was a success. In 1981 he married Nellie Hume, a bank clerk, whose grandmother was from Lovia. In 1982 they had their first child, Margaret, and in 1986, Joanna. In 1990, Andy was diagnosed with a rare cardiomyopathy.


Andy's depiction of Eodre.

Andy moved with his family back in Noble City in 2000. A couple of years later, he started Dracko, his first major comic, which was published in 2003. With Dracko Andy came to prominence. Losing no more time, he started The Adventures of Lionman, that immediately was successul. The series were completed in 2006 and Andy was now very famous. His good friend William Goodwin stated: "The Adventures of Lionman marked the birth of Lovia's comic culture".

In 2008, Andy began Eodre for the then recently established Horus Comics. From the very beginning, the response was tremendous and Eodre was to be Bowe's magnum opus. However, Andy never completed his work. He died in 2009 by a heart failure, which was caused by his disease. In 2010 he was posthumously awarded with a special prize at Comicmania International Festival, for his major contribution.

Famous works listEdit

Dracko (2003)Edit

  • A Bloody Beginning
  • The Truth
  • The Avenger
  • The Trumpets of Battle
  • Satisfaction?

The Adventures of Lionman (2005-2006)Edit

  • A Tale that wasn't Right
  • A Perfect Youth
  • The Magic Sword
  • A Long Journey
  • Homecoming
  • Savage Raiders
  • Rescue Mission
  • On the Go again
  • Pursuit of a Hero
  • A Shiny Star

Eodre (2008-2009)Edit

  • A Warriors's Birth
  • The Battle Begins
  • The Man with the Spear
  • Traitors
  • Long live the King
  • Teeth in the Dark
  • A New Menace
  • A Stab in the Heart