Andru Hustróva Identity
Name Andru Hustróva
Full name Andru Jehelan Hustróva
Sex Male Male
Born March 9 1853, Flag of Slovakia Smoleniče
Deceased October 9 1956, Flag of Lovia Small Hurbanova
Languages English, Oceana, Slovak, Zamokkian
Roman Catholic

Andru Hustróva (Smoleniče, March 9, 1853 - Hurbanova, October 9, 1956) was a wealthy Slovakian-born Lovian who lived in Prach, Hurbanova. He was one of the eight sons of the famous Jamal Hustróva of Smoleniče. He made himself a fortune in the local Oceana mining industry and bought an old, shabby house in Downtown Hurbanova in 1894, which he demolished and built a huge villa with a surrounding park on the site. The building later became known as Prach. He never married and had no children, but lived to the age of 103. His wealth was transferred to the Jamal Hustróva Quarry in East Hills after his death.

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