Andrew Johnson Identity
Name Andrew Johnson
Full name Andrew Terry Baker Johnson
Sex Male Male
Born 1844, United States San Francisco
Deceased 1902, Flag of Lovia Small on sea
Spouse Mary Nelson
Home Seal of Noble City Noble City
Functions Founding Father
Languages English
Protestant (Methodist)

Andrew T.B. Johnson (San Francisco, 1844 - Noble City, 1902) was an American-born Founding Father of Lovia. He came to the Lovia Archipelago on the schooner Francis II, led by future monarch Arthur Noble. He was a journalist in San Francisco before the great crossing and worked for the same newspaper as Arthur Noble. In Lovia, he became a leading discoverer of the outer islands of the archipelago. Andrew Johnson remained a journalist once in Noble City and even started writing shortly after. His best known books are his autobiographical adventure stories and his famous Judy series. In 1876, he became the first person to see Kings' Peak. In 1877, he actually attempted to climb the mountain. He was climbing alone and broke his arm, so he was unable to continue. He returned with no success. But he went down in history as the discoverer and first climber of Kings' Peak, in fact the 1st person to climb a Lovian mountain. In 1880, he attempted to climb it again, but ended up dying.

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Very little is known about Johnson's personal life. He never married, but had been in a relationship with Mary Nelson. When their daughter Ann T.N. Johnson was born in 1876, the couple feared criticism for not being married. This however was very limited.

He died rather early in 1880, while trying to climb Kings' Peak.

Andrew Johnson is not related to Abigail Johnson, the Founding Mother nicknamed the Lovely.

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