Andrew Glücksburg-Ramsley Identity
Name Andrew Glücksburg-Ramsley
Full name Andrew Charles Ramsley, Prince of Glücksburg
Sex Male Male
Born 2 October, 1990,
Home Seal of Downtown Downtown, NC
Functions SDP Youth member
Languages Danish, English, Portuguese

Andrew Charles Ramsley, Prince of Glücksburg (born 1990 in Hurbanova) is the son of a Princess Louise of Denmark and Daniel Ramsley Jr.. As well as being a royal prince, he is a member of the Ramsley Family. He has a younger brother, Prince Gerald Ramsley. He is the grandson of Queen Margrethe II of Denmark and Daniel A. Ramsley. He studied Archaeology at Blackburn University, and studied cuisine in NYC. He is a member of the SDP Youth.

Personal life Edit

Prince Andrew has recently started a foundation, the Prince Andrew Fund, to help disadvantaged kids go to school and college. Prince Andrew is married to Dalia Donia of the Donia Clan. He adopted her son from a previous marriage to Pierlot McCrooke in what has been described by the media as "a genuine act of kindness". He had a daughter with Dalia in 2011 called Natalie Ramsley.

Ancestry Edit

His ancestors and relatives include: