King Sebastian I of Lovia, present sovereign of the Kingdom of Lovia, is the son of Prince Theodore of Lovia, the eldest child of Prince Noah of Lovia and Manon Ramsley (later Princess Manon of Lovia); and of Sylvia Stubbs (later Princess Sylvia of Lovia), the daughter of Albert Stubbs, jr. and his wife, Victoria Jackson (later Victoria Jackson Stubbs).

Patrilineal descent Edit

King Sebastian I of Lovia's patrilineal descent (the principle behind membership in Germanic royal houses) can be traced back through the generations.

Through the first monarchs, King Sebastian I of Lovia is a descendant of Louis Engelbert, 6th Duke of Arenberg. His eldest son was Fransiscus of Arenberg who normally, should success his father Louis Engelbert as Duke of Arenberg but the young Fransiscus did not wanted so he escaped to Ghent where he set up his own family.

  1. Thierry, Baron of Ligne, ca. 1110-?
  2. Waulthier I, Baron of Ligne, ca. 1140-?
  3. Waulthier II, Baron of Ligne, ca. 1200-?
  4. Walthier III, Baron of Ligne, ca. 1224-1290
  5. Jean I, Baron of Ligne, ca. 1270-c 1306
  6. Fastre, Baron of Ligne, ca. 1288-1335
  7. Guillaume de Ligne, Lord of Monstreuil on Aisne, ca. 1320-1387
  8. Jean II, Baron of Ligne, ca. 1365-1442
  9. Michel de Ligne, Lord of Barbançon, ca. 1405-1468
  10. Guillaume de Ligne, Baron of Barbançon, ca. 1437-?
  11. Louis de Ligne, Baron of Barbançon, 1482-?
  12. Duke Jean de Ligne of Arenberg, Baron of Barbançon, ca. 1525-1568
  13. Princely Count Charles de Ligne of Arenberg, Duke of Aarschot, Baron of Zevenbergen, 1550-1616
  14. Duke Philippe-Charles of Arenberg of Aarschot, 1587-1640
  15. Duke Charles Eugene of Arenberg of Aarschot, 1633-1681
  16. Duke Philippe Charles of Arenberg of Aarschot, 1663-1691
  17. Duke Léopold Philippe of Arenberg of Aarschot, 1690-1754
  18. Duke Charles Marie Raymond of Arenberg of Aarschot, 1721-1778
  19. Duke Louis Engelbert of Arenberg of Aarschot, 1750-1820
  20. Fransiscus Nobel, 1771-1832
  21. François Wilhelm Nobel, 1794-1835
  22. François Nobel, 1821-1875
  23. King Arthur I of Lovia, 1849-1887
  24. King Arthur II of Lovia, 1875-1938
  25. Prince Noah of Lovia, 1901-1992
  26. Prince Theodore of Lovia, 1941-2000
  27. King Sebastian I of Lovia, 1986

Matrilineal descent Edit

  1. Hannah Hunt, ?-?
  2. Eunice Beckford, 1778-? 
  3. Hannah Hunt Beckford Robinson, 1805-?
  4. Caroline Beatrice Webb, 1846-1915
  5. Angelica Smith, 1871-1961
  6. Caroline Palfrey, 1901-1976
  7. Victoria Jackson, 1922-2001
  8. Sylvia Stubbs, 1954
  9. King Sebastian I of Lovia, 1986

Ancestry chart Edit

  François Nobel
  King Arthur I of Lovia  
  Maria Wille
  King Arthur II of Lovia  
  Manuel Flores
  Anna Flores García  
  Francis Lehman-Miller
  Prince Noah of Lovia  
  Francis William Hoover
  George Francis Hoover  
  Amalia Lizzy Jackson
  Amelia Bernstein Hoover  
  George Hoover
  Lucinda Bernstein Hoover  
  Ida Martha Whitsitt
  Prince Theodore of Lovia  
  Charles Ramsley
  Edward A. Ramsley  
  Lady Anne of Cavendish
  Andrew Frederick Ramsley  
  Janek (Jan) Maruska
  Barbora (Bara) Maruska  
  Fransizka Kaplický
  Manon Amber Ramsley  
  Frederick Coningham
  Sir George Coningham  
  Marta Handley
  Silvia Coningham  
  George Eisenhower
  Mariette Eisenhower  
  Mariette Loud
  King Sebastian I of Lovia  
  Albert Stubbs, sr.  
  Albert Stubbs, jr.  
  Sylvia Stubbs  
  Victoria Jackson  
  Caroline Palfrey  
  Robert Webb
  Angelica Smith  
  Caroline Beatrice Webb

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