Colonel Anatoli Bershov is a former Russian Spetsnaz member and a commander of the Special Forces of Lovia. He was born in Soviet Union 1963 to Andrei Bershov (1938-1996) and Ivana Bershov (1940-2003). Anatoli joined the Russian army in the 1980's and in in the later 1980's he joined the Spetsnaz. After the fall of the communist government he continued to serve until 2000, when he left to the United States. He came in contact with James Torres's men and in 2003 joined as a security for him and his family. In 2006 he joined the recently created Special Forces of Lovia, which is like a mercenary's group. He has come to Lovia to help fight in the Lovian Civil War of 2011. In 2011 after the civil war the Special forces joined the Federal Police and he was the commander, equal with Christopher Costello.

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