An Old Solution for a New Lovia
An Old Solution for a New Lovia

The first edition cover

Isolationism in Lovia

Author George Matthews
Language Flag of Lovia Small English
Publisher The House Publishers
Publication date June 15, 2008 in Lovia
Editions One (1st)
Genre Non-fiction > society, politics, foreign affairs
Media type Print (paperback and hardback)
Pages 186 pp
Rating(s) 4 stars (Sides) and 4 stars (The Lovian News)
Preceded by The Danger of Justice
Followed by none so far

An Old Solution for a New Lovia is a Lovian non-fiction book vs. essay by jurist, politician and author George Matthews, subtitled Isolationism in Lovia. It was published June 15, 2008, by The House Publishers. The essay explains how isolationism could be a solution to the current problems of international foreign wiki affairs.

Content Edit

An Old Solution for a New Lovia is written as an essay. Similar to Matthews' first book, The Danger of Justice, he explains the background of Lovian politics and foreign affairs first. Then he explains the current situation and the events causing problems to Lovian foreign policy. A short analysis of what happened and what went wrong is given, offering a better view on the current issues. Unlike The Danger of Justice, where Matthews gives several solutions, he now only provides one: isolationism. The theory, once established by US President James Monroe, is explained very thoroughly and a direct use in Lovia is shown too.

Reception Edit

One of the best non-fiction books for 2008!

An Old Solution for a New Lovia was received well by the Lovian press. The Noble City Times wrote:

This non-fiction essay on Lovian politics and the possibility of isolationism for international issues, is very clear and detailed at the same time. It's certainly his best work at this time and one of Lovia's best non-fiction books for 2008. It features an actual topic and should be underneath everyone's pillow![1]

The book received a 4 stars four star rating from the lifestyle magazine Sides and the newspaper The Lovian News

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References and notes Edit

  1. Source: The Noble City Times, June 24 2008.

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