Ambrogio condottori
Ambrogio Condottori (1871-1935) was an Italian-Lovian archaelogist and count.

Biography Edit

Early life Edit

Ambrogio was born in Rome to Count Alberto Condottori and his wife, the Countess Maria. Ambrogio served with the Italian Army in the 1890s and participated in their shameful defeat in Abyssinia in 1896. Ambrogio met his Serbian wife, Aleksandra aboard an ocean liner headed to New York. They were married in 1898 and soon moved to southern California. It was by chance that the Count and Countess decided to Holiday in Lovia (1901). They ended up purchasing a small cottage in southern Kings. Their car, a Renault was brought to Lovia that summer, becoming the first car in the country. It was here that Ambrogio heard locals talking about large animal skeletons and bones. This caught his interest and he led a small expedition up to the Abby Highlands. Largely unsuccessful, the expedition only found the bones of a Puma. Their first child, Alberto was born in Newhaven, 1902. In 1904 the couple moved to Italy and began to visit Lovia less often.

Return to Lovia Edit

When the war broke out in Europe he and has family left Italy and came to Lovia in 1915. He then began a large-scale expedition in the highlands, where he was able to discover the bones of a prehistoric 20-foot long alligator and ancient fish. When his father died in 1917 he had to return to Italy to settle things and only returned in 1919. By then the family's cottage was tore down and made into a seaside palazzo and they had hired French architects to design them a modern home in Noble City.

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