Alfred Myshkin Identity
Alfred Myshkin
Name Alfred Myshkin
Full name Alfred Thomas Myshkin
Sex Male Male
Born September 17th, 1962, Canterbury
Spouse Rebecca Lee
Home Seal of Kinley Kinley
Functions MOTC
Languages Dutch, English

Alfred Thomas Myshkin is the leader of 7 and the only representative of that party in Congress.

He was born in Canterbury in 1962 as the son of a railway worker. Although mostly of Dutch-American ancestry, his grandfather was Russian. He trained as an electromechanical engineer in Canada and worked in both Canada and America before returning to Lovia in 2004. After becoming involved in politics, he rose through the ranks of 7, eventually becoming Deputy Leader. After Niamh McQuillan was killed in the Lovian Civil War of 2011, Myshkin became party leader. He tends to the left of the party.

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