Alfred Donaldson Identity
Name Alfred Donaldson
Full name Alfred Burke Mathers Donaldson
Sex Male Male
Born July 16 1862, Flag of Mexico Mexico City
Deceased January 19 1951, Flag of Lovia Small Noble City
Spouse Melinda Thames Donaldson
Home Seal of Noble City Noble City
Functions Lawyer
Governor of Sylvania
Mayor of Noble City
Languages English, Spanish, Dutch

Alfred B.M. Donaldson was a Mexican-born Lovian politician and lawyer with American ancestors. He became Mayor of Noble City in 1921, succeeding his brother Christopher after five years. That same year, in the State Elections, 1921 he was elected Governor of Sylvania, an office he would hold for only one term. He retreated from the state and city level in 1923 for personal reasons, including the death of his brother that same year.

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