Ruiz del Cruz

Ruiz del Cruz in 2011

Alejandro Ruiz del Cruz (1969-2011) was the youngest son of rebel commander and revolutionairy leader I. G. La Blaca and his house maid. He had one older brother, Juan Ruiz del Cruz (1958-2011) and two younger sisters. Signor Ruiz del Cruz was a prominent rebel leader in the Lovian Civil War.

Life Edit

Civil War Edit

Civil war

Alejandro was the Civil War's sharpest dressed rebel

Alejandro Ruiz del Cruz was one of the most prominent rebel commanders in the war, having been a part of the raid on Noble City and several daring attacks on UNLOR forces. He was loved by the people of Lovia and respected even by his enemies for his bravery in the face of danger and possible death. Ruiz del Cruz was viewed by most as an honourable man. If he wasn't fighting, he was mostly seen hanging around Pizzeria Il Regno d'Oceano, where he always took exactly the same meal: a Pizza Napolitana and two Warsteiner beers. Ruiz del Cruz was "keen on his routine". As a true rebel should, he always kept his gun on the table.

Death Edit

Stylish mofo

Ruiz del Cruz was generally a stylish motherfucker, even during fighting

Alejandro lead a reinforcement campaign into Noble City, but soon after civil resistance broke out. Informal messages reporting him as missing or dead came from Noble City, but these messages were not confirmed yet. On the 30th of October, 2011, a body was identified as being that of Ruiz del Cruz. He had died of wounds received during the fighting two days earlier. Autopsy revealed gunshot wounds to the abdomen and chest killed the general.

Personal Edit

Ruiz del Cruz used to be a notorious playboy and dandy, but he settled down and married in 2004 to a Lovian model with whom he had two daughter, Elena (2005) and Natasha (2009). He divorced his wife in september 2010 after marital problems related to him cheating on her with the neigbor's wife. He found true love when he met Rosana de Oliveira-Torres but it was not meant to be - two weeks before the wedding was planned Alejandro died in the Civil War.

It has been rumoured by some Ruiz del Cruz never actually died, instead faking his own death to escape persecution when he saw the war was ending and his side was losing.

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