Al Cheney Identity
Name Al Cheney
Full name Albert Cheney
Sex Male Male
Born May 2 1863, United States San José, CA
Deceased Winter 1940, Flag of Lovia Small Adlibitan Island
Spouse Rose Kennedy Cheney
Home Noble City, Adlibitan Island
Functions Cook
Governor of Sylvania
Languages English, little Dutch
Roman Catholic, Baptist, Agnostic

Al Cheney, born Albert Cheney (San José, May 2 1863 - Adlibitan Island, Winter 1940), was an American-born Lovian cook and politician. He was a renowed cook and owned his own Noble City restaurant "Highway 1". In 1907 he ran for Governor of Sylvania, but lost these elections against Bruce Kennedy. In 1909 he tried again and was elected for a two-years term. After his short political career he remained cook for several years until he retreated social life and moved to Adlibitan Island, where he died from a heart failure. His date of death is unknown.

Religious stances Edit

Albert Cheney was born in a Roman Catholic family and remained Roman Catholic until he moved to Lovia. He then converted to Baptism, which he turned down shortly after his Governorship. He became an agnostic and remained agnostic for the rest of his life.

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