The Agency for Labour Inspection is a Federal board of advisers and employees that oversee the Ministry of Labour's role in the Social Security Fund of correct spending, intake and outtake, and matters of correct employer payment to there employees. The agency was approved by in 2011 with Yuri Medvedev's Social Security Act but do to a hold up and lack of interest, the agency was set up in March of 2013 by Marcus Villanova then Labour Minister to oversee and crack down on overspending and fraud within the system.

Under the approval of the board the agency employs about 115 workers throughout Lovia in Lovian Labour Centers which also house workers from the Center for Societal Welfare.

Board of Directors of the Agency for Labour InspectionEdit

The Board of Directors each oversees a state in Lovia and the workers responsible for cases and such within that jurisdiction. The Board is appointed by the Labour Minister for a non-renewable term of two years.

Name Role (State)
Justin B. Walker President of the Board - Oceana
Harriet Yeoman Clymene
Kelly McKinley Kings
Jack Benson Seven
Veronica DeVerrilli Sylvania

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