Adoha College
AdohaCollege AdohaCollege2
Name Adoha College
Language English
Official color

██ Orange

██ Teal

Symbol Ferguson Beach
Motto Official Motto: "Education has many benefits that are not directly seen"
Rector Dave Leskromento
Founded March 7, 2002
Location Ferguson Beach Village, Adoha
Departments Science, Literature

The Adoha College is a Lovian academy university in Ferguson Beach Village, Adoha, Clymene. It is operated by educational company Education Lovia.

It gives degrees in literature and science but the academy specializes in medical science. It is a very small academy and currently only has 102 students.


Adoha College was built in the year of 2002 by entrepreneur Dave Leskromento to expand education in Clymene due to hardly any educational instituions around Clymene.

It has since then turned into one of the best educational institutions in Lovia where only the people who have done extremely well at secondary school can attend.