Adlibitan Embassy

The Adlibitan Embassy in Little Europe, Noble City

The Adlibitan Embassy is an embassy building in Little Europe, Noble City. The Ambassador of Adlibita seats here, however the building was deserted in 2008, as a result of the Adlibitan-Lovian crisis. Ambassador Marius Ştefan had left the country and the Adlibitan government decided not to appoint a new person. Nevertheless in 2009 the relations had normalised and a new Adlibitan ambassador was appointed in November 2009. Marian Caragiale is the name of the new Adlibitan representative.


  • Room 1: Marian Caragiale (Housing)
  • Room 2: Adlibitan Government (Business)
  • Room 3: Adlibitan Government (Business)
  • Room 4: Adlibitan Government (Business)
  • Room 5: FOR SALE (Housing)
  • Room 6: Emergency Protection Room (Embassy)
  • Room 7: Emergency Protection Room (Embassy)
  • Room 8: Emergency Protection Room (Embassy)

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