Coat of Arms of Adlibita

Name Adlibita
Full name Republica Adlibita
(English: The Republic of Adlibita)
Capital Christianenburg
Official language(s) Romanian
Demonym Adlibitan(s)
President Mocu
Vice president Alexandru
Prime Minister Vitalie
More information
Internet TLD .adl
ISO 3166-1 ADL
Telephone code +77

Adlibita (officially: Republica Adlibita, meaning The Republic of Adlibita) is a Romanian wiki nation. The capital is Christianenburg. It has been a member of the United Wiki Nations since June 2007 until March 2008.

On 12 January 2010 Oos Wes Ilava made an unsuccessful military coup in order to reactivate the country and only succeeded in taking control of the Ovetabiânian village of Ştanȝă. The Adlibitan government is currently negotiating with Ilava about the future of Adlibita.

Ilenulando Edit

Ilenulando is a former souvereign nation and member of the United Wiki Nations. These days it is an autonomous province in Adliblita, with Italian as official language. Agiunta is the province's capital and has about 400,000 inhabitants.

Relations with LoviaEdit

Adlibita has good relations with Lovia because there's an embassy of Adlibita in Lovia. The current embassador is Marian Caragiale. Lovia has also an embassy in Adlibita. Adlibitan Island, one of the islands in the Lovia Archipelago is named after Adlibita.

In the 1940s, around 200 Adlibitan people moved to Hurbanova and Noble City because the Second World War many citizens maked afraid, anxious and uncertain. Alexandru Latin, a Lovian-Adlibitan statesman and politician was born in Adlibita.

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