Abby Springs Studios is a secluded recording studio in the back of the Abby Springs Lanes bowling alley in Newhaven.

The studio was founded in 1968 by the bowling alley's then-owner Sal Ishim, with acoustic design by Barry Scott. In it's prime, it boasted a Neve 8068 recording console as well as Studer tape machines and a custom-made sound system, along with impressive sound insulation, designed to prevent the noises from the bowling alley from being heard in recordings.

Currently, it boasts a SSL AWS 948 Delta recording console along with the Neve 8068 console, five Midas M32 digital consoles, and two Solid State Logic XL Desk consoles. It also boasts the Studer tape machines, fifteen custom Windows NT computers running the open-source digital audio editor and recording computer software application Audacity, GLS Audio ES-58-S and ES-57 microphones with Nady filter shields, and a new, custom Dolby Digital 5.1 sound system. A brand new insulation system is also in use, making recordings in the studio completely clean and professional. Musicians can bring their own instruments or use the vast amount of instruments and equipment current owner Andrea Ishim and her brothers Zack and Jonathan have collected over the years.

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