A chink in the armor

The failing of the IWO

Author Pierlot McCrooke
Language Flag of Lovia Small English
Publisher The House Publishers
Publication date 2010 in Lovia
Editions One (1st)
Genre Non-fiction > international politics
Media type Print (paperback and hardback)
Pages 350 pp
Rating(s) The Lovian News Three stars small
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Followed by none

A chink in the armor is a 2010 Lovian non-fiction booklet by Pierlot McCrooke. It is subtitled The failing of the IWO and is all about what went wrong with the organization of a new wiki nation union, but also includes some other hot topics.

Description Edit

In this book Pierlot McCrooke gives his analysis on the failing of the IWO. He also provides answers on frequently asked questions, such as "what went wrong", and "what caused people to initiate this organization". The book includes research and opinions, and includes the Train Village News column on the IWO. Besides the failing of the IWO, the related Hurbanova Crisis and the issues with Adlibita are explained and opinionated. It contains comments by Alexandru Latin, Martin de Muntegu, and Oos Wes Ilava.