The building.

The 23 Millstreet is a house in the Noowet Grasslands, Hurbanova. The very old house is the oldest building of Hurbanova and already existed in 1881. It used to house the Kelový family. Nowadays, the house is very damaged because of bad maintenance and it's uninhabited for over fifty years. The house has survived the 1884 Hurbanovan fire and the canalizations of the Hurbanova Stream in 2008. From 1965 until 1982 the house served as a barn, and later on became a hay storage, but it was abandoned in 1986. Some people want to restore the building and make a museum of it. The building used to lay at the Millstreet, which gave it its name, 23 Millstreet, but nowadays it just lays in a field.

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