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The 2013 LHL Pre-Season is a series if field hockey matches that will take place preceding the 2013 LHL Season. There will be an all star match and a series of practice matches

All-star matchEdit

An all star match will take place on 15 May 2013. There will be two teams, one featuring players from Sylvania, and the other featuring players from Kings. These states were chosen because they both have two teams in the Lovian Hockey League

Match factsEdit

Date- 15 May 2013

Venue- Ted Kennedy Memorial Park, Noble City

  • Seal of Sylvania Sylvania All Stars 4-3 Kings All Stars Seal of Kings

Practice matchesEdit

15 AprilEdit

  • Noble City Pines 2-1 Sofasi Storm
  • Oceana United 4-1 Bayside Bears

16 AprilEdit

  • Adoha Dolphins 2-2 Portland Penguins
  • Newhaven Kings 3-2 Kinley Islanders

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