The 2011 Provisional Congress was the congress of Lovia from 30 April 2011 to 30 June 2011. It was preceded by the 2011 Congress and succeeded by the 2011 Second Congress.

History Edit

Following a controversial trial against the just elected Prime Minister Ygo Donia, the Donia I Government and it's accompanying Congress fell apart. The (political) activity fell to an all-time lowest point, having not a single law proposal seriously discussed. The King stayed on the sideline too, leaving no figure with authority to restart a new chapter in Lovian politics.

In late April 2011, event took a new turn when former prime minister Yuri Medvedev backed a joint proposal of Marcus Villanova and Justin Abrahams to put a Provisional Congress in power. It was agreed upon that this new Congress, which was not formally elected, would remain in power until new elections can be held. Who will take the spot of prime minister is still undecided but Villanova, Abrahams and Medvedev have all been named as possible candidates. Medvedev claimed he didn't want to be prime minister for another turn and named Villanova as his favored candidate.

Also under discussion is whether the new prime minister should be granted full power or rather be under strict control of the Congress. The latter has been suggested by some CPL.nm officials and is in line with the idea that a non-elected PM can not represent the people in the same way as someone who obtained the office in a regular way.

Members of the 2011 Provisional Congress Edit

The 2011 Provisional Congress counts seven members, of which five were also in the elected 2011 Congress. Nathaniel Scribner and I. G. La Blaca were introduced as new members even though they never occupied a public office before. William Krosby was introduced as a new member, only having a minor political office formerly. King Dimitri was given a seat in accordance to the constitutional provisions. This is despite the fact that the King has maintained an empty-seat policy for the last few weeks. Also notable is the political composition of the new Congress: the conservative CCPL which represented a good part of the former Congress is narrowed down to one member, even though the rightist-populist UNS is introduced to responsibility. The traditional leftist value of the CPL.nm is complemented by the new SDP, together good for almost half the votes. Both the introduction of the UNS and the strength of leftist parties are contested. In mid May, however, Nathaniel Scribner joined the LDP, making the LDP the second largest party in Congress, tied with CPL.nm. All members of the 2011 Provisional Congress are listed up below.

Members Party Percentage Notes
Dimitri Noble Member by Right 11.11%
King of Lovia
Yuri Medvedev Cpl logo CPL.nm 22.22%
Elected apart of 2011 Congress
Marcus Villanova Cpl logo CPL.nm
Became Prime Minister of Villanova I Government
Justin Abrahams Sdp1 SDP 11.11%
Elected apart of 2011 Congress
Oos Wes Ilava Ccpl CCPL 11.11%
Elected apart of 2011 Congress
I. G. La Blaca UNS logo UNS 11.11%
Not part of the elected 2011 Congress
Lars Washington LAP LAP 11.11%
Not part of the elected 2011 Congress
William Krosby LDP logo LDP 22.22%
Not part of the elected 2011 Congress
Nathaniel Scribner LDP logo LDP
Not part of the elected 2011 Congress
List of Congresses Seal of the Congress
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