Rick Frances

Rick Frances' Freedom First party stayed in control, with seven out of fourteen members

The 2006 Congress was the Lovian federal legislature from February 1st 2006 to January 31st 2007, elected in the Federal Elections, 2006. The 2007 Congress was the last to be dominated by Freedom First and its Prime Minister Rick Frances.

Composition Edit

February 1st, 2006, there were fourteen Members of the Congress:

Party Members Percentage Notes
Freedom First Freedom First 7 Substitution in 50.00% Coalition (leading)
King's Party logo King's Party 2 14.29% Opposition
LDP old Lovian Democratic Party 1 Substitution off 7.14% Opposition
NLP old 2 Northern Lovian Party 1 7.14% Coalition
Oceana Christians new Oceana Christians 1 7.14% Opposition
Republican Alternative Republican Alternative 1 7.14% Opposition
Member by Right 1 7.14% N/A

Rick Frances from Freedom First was re-elected Prime Minister. His party returned to the F1-NLP formula for the Frances IV Government. The 2006 Congress was remarkably scattered, with the exception of the 7-member Freedom First faction. To date, it is the largest number of members from one party ever in Congress.

Members Edit

Samantha Brown (LDP) was the only member not to be re-elected. David H. Washington (F1) had decided to stand down. Their seats were won by Patrick McKinley and Jake Kubrick from the Freedom First party.

Paul Halldane (F1) resigned in October 2006 for health reasons.

See also Edit

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