The 1926 Bank of Noble City bank-car theft was the largest robbery in Lovian banking history until the 2011 White Sands Robbery.

Background Edit

The 1910s and 1920s had seen an increase in robberies on transported currency so banks responded with using lightly armored, but cumbersome cars. Daring attempts against these vehicles ended up in these cars' drivers being accompanied by an officer armed with a handgun.

History Edit

Charles Raymond and Bill Woodley were the committers of the crime. Raymond was a notorouis bank robber, who had stole in 3 previous occasions US$ 23,917.50, of which $23,400 were recovered. He was last jailed from 1923-24. Woodley was a petty criminal, who had stolen US$ 7.13 from a department store. These men plotted to rob a bank car, since robbing the actual bank was near-impossible. They chose a date with least activity, the 13 of August. It just so happened that the bank was transporting to Hurbanova US$ 200,000, of which $140,000 was in 10000 dollar notes. As the car passed the Emerald Highlands, Woodley, who was a good marksman, shot the driver through the weak glass. Raymond approached the car and opened fire with a Tommy gun. A brief gunfight occured and the guard was ultimately killed. A 3 month-long investigation followed, but the money was never found. This and the Wall Street Market crash of 1929 led to the bank's demise.

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