Ľubomír Šesták Identity
Lubomir Sestak
Name Ľubomír Šesták
Full name Ľubomír Šesták
Sex Male Male
Born 19 November 1982, Seal of Hurbanova Hurbanova
Home Seal of Hurbanova Hurbanova
Functions Musician, Guitarist, Songwriter, Singer
Languages English, Oceana, Slovak

Ľubomír Šesták (19 November 1982 in Hurbanova) is a Lovian musician of Slovak descent. He is known as the frontman of the Hurbanova-based rock band Blide Opitsas. He is the band's lead guitarist and vocalist, and also writes most of the lyrics.

Early lifeEdit

Ľubomír was born to Sergej Šesták and Zdenka Angelovičová, both of Slovak origin. However, Zdenka died when giving birth to Ľubomír's brother in 1983. Sergej was a collier, who worked at the nearby mines. Thus, Ľubomír and his brother Ján were brought up by their aunt Magda, in East Hills.

As a teen, Ľubomír was very interested in painting, but he soon discovered his musical talent. He liked many international and Lovian rock bands, but the two that influenced him the most were the Red Hot Chili Peppers and The Coasters. He started playing the guitar at the age of fourteen.

Music careerEdit

Initially, Ľubomír started off writing songs in English, but when he started learning Oceana, he decided to form a band which sung entirely in that language. He devoted considerable attention to his linguistic and musical studies, and he practised both by joining the Quaire o'Hurbanoft. His friends Martin Brovník (drums) and Marko Dadič (bass guitar) had the same idea and so was born their band, in 2001.

Eventually, Blide Opitsas (English for Happy Monkeys) were able to sign a contract with Orbaloft Productions and they released their first album Hack Tants in March 2012. It was quite a success and the band is now working on a second album. Ľubomír has stated: "We don't care about what will follow. The only thing that matters is that we are doing exactly what we want."